Today is my first day back at work ( ) and I'm struggling to create a feeding and pumping schedule for DD. I'm fortunate to work from home and my mom watches her while I'm in the office, but I don't have a milk stash AT ALL (we found out just a few weeks ago that she has MSPI, so any stash would have be thrown out anyway).

We've always been veeeery go with the flow with feeding and fell into our own rhythm during maternity leave. Naps are pretty predictable - 1.5-1.75 hours of awake time and then a 40 minute nap, but she eats whenever (and often) and usually nurses to sleep. She's fine to fall asleep without the nursing though. My work schedule sometimes allows me to go out and feed her, but calls and meetings will keep me busy most of the time. I'm trying to stick to a 2-3 hour feeding schedule, but when should I work in pumping as I try to build up a stash (or at the very least enough for the next day's bottles)? Right after I feed her? Halfway between feedings? Power pumping at night? I've never been a regular pumper so I only get 1-3 ounces per 10 minute session (usually not long after feeding her).

Ack - help!