My son is almost 4 weeks old. The first two weeks of his life breastfeeding went great. I could hear him gulping when nursing and he always got enough. Then I would pump and drain the rest. After two weeks I started having difficulties with pumping and I'd have milk still stored in my breasts but barely anything would come out on the left breast. Then about a week ago it got to the point where no matter how much I pumped literally nothing would come out either breast, even though both still have milk in them. When I hand express i only manage a few good squeezes before the milk barely comes out in drops. However he was always able to express my milk when nursing. But as of yesterday he can only express for a few minutes on my left side before he cant get milk to come out,, even though my breast is still full. Could it be a clogged duct even though there is no signs or symptoms of one being present aside from this one problem? Has anyone else had this problem before? Lactation consultant doesn't have an answer it seems, and it's starting to seem like it's starting to happen on the right side. I'm starting to break down and feeling hopeless. I don't want to stop breastfeeding but im beginning to have to supplement with formula. Any suggestions are appreciated!