When DS2 was first born, I pumped because I wanted to have a stash ready for when others wanted or had to feed him. (with my first, I never had enough!)

But DS2 never took to a bottle and we have since stopped trying to get him to take one. I am a SAHM so i can afford to nurse exclusively.

I have a large stash of frozen breastmilk sitting in the freezer. (not a deep freezer). It dates back to the beginning August and goes through early December.

So the question is: should I dump the earlier milk, specifically from Aug-Sept? I don't plan on trying to get him to take a bottle anytime soon...he is almost 6 months and i figure we will start sippy training him soon. Even then, it probably will take him some time to get the hang of it. So dump the old frozen (but precious!) milk?