Hey everybody!

I have not posted in this board for many months, but woke up today thinking about it. I am now in my 2nd full cycle of IVF (first was a fail and the second we couldn't go through with transfer due to thawing issues) - I remembered how much support I got here and how great it was during hard times.

It is crazy how lonely this can all be even after all this time! Just a small background, I am newly 34 (turned 34 April 1) and we have severe MFI. Over the past year (I consider 2013 the worst year of my life!) we have had many disappointments, sadness, tough times, but after a few months off in 2014, we decided to take another gander at IVF. I live in NYC and go to RMA and see the most amazing doctor, Dr Klein. This round, with a new protocol, I retrieved 31 (!!!) eggs, had 10 fertilize and by day 5 (yesterday) - 2 "beautiful" blasts were transferred. We are still waiting to see what froze. The blasts are graded 3AB and 3BB - still not sure what this means.

Anyway, I guess I dont have a specific worry or question or anything pending but I am of course nervous, excited, and all those feelings again...I am resting up after the transfer (SO much couch time the last few weeks!!)

Any communicaiton with others who have been here, have advice, ideas, etc. I would love it!