As of now, we think LO1 might be in GrandmaCare in a year, starting at 6-7 months. We hope it will be parttime daycare, parttime GrandmaCare. This is dependent on the details of MIL quitting her crazy low pay job and selling their home of 15ish years, which will be a bit difficult (neighborhood has taken a downturn) but not impossible. They are also moving across the country for this but this has always been their plan, not intiated or pushed by us at all. Our state is tax-friendly to retirees, and they LOVE grandchildren but are kind of shut out of their current grandkids lives.

Two basic questions:
1) Does Grandma come to you or you drop off at grandmas? What was your thought process on that?
2) Do you pay Grandma? How so and how did you decide at your figure? My MIL could use the money but I'm not sure if she "needs" the money (we might throw in healthcare insurance for her, since she is 2 yr away from Medicare, and spousal coverage is too costly.) She will probably try to turn down money but I think we will come to an arrangement.
3) Any other "starting point" things I should start to think about?

This is my MIL, not my mom, and I have a decent relationship with her.