My son is 5.5 months old and EBF.

He had some mucusy poop with a couple dots of blood on and off for a week and seemed to be pooping more than normal. We finally got a doctors appointment and she said it was very “strange” since he was EBF. She looked at a picture of the diaper and ordered a CBC and cows milk allergy blood work. This was on December 19th.

They couldn’t get enough blood work for the cows milk allergy test and the CBC was fine. My husband and I assumed he had/has a fissure, as google seems to say that’s quite common even in EBF babies. The doctor stuck a finger in his bum to feel around, but did not actually use her eyes to inspect anything. She said it “felt fine”.

After we left her office he had more blood then normal so we assumed she irritated the fissure, I asked her if that was possible and she said “no. He doesn’t have one. I looked”. She definitely did not look.

About 10 days have passed and he has had no blood in his poop until tonight.

My diet has been pretty much the same his whole life. Any thoughts since my doctor was very clueless (and tends to be💆‍♀️).

She referred us to a Pediatrician but I don’t have an appointment with one yet.

If it was a dairy allergy it would have likely started sooner than 5 months right? He’s a pretty happy baby and has been. Good sleeper for the most part. No regular. Spits up minimally. Any insight or tips are welcome.