Sorry it's so long!

So DS turned 6 months on Sunday and we started BLW that day. We gave cucumber "fingers" and roasted potato "fingers". He did awesome. No gagging or choking. He maybe swallowed a tiny bit but that's not the point. They next day we gave him some toast fingers and a little bit of cooked through egg yolk and then some lasagna noodles.

I posted a pic to Instagram and my SIL (DHs sister) texted me almost immediately "aren't you starting DS on purées?!??!" And I said no, we are doing BLW. Then she texted back saying "SIL 2 (DHs younger sister, who is a speech pathologist) is very concerned with what you're feeding him". So i texted back saying has she looked into BLW? And no reply. So I showed DH the texts and he texted his sisters In a group text saying that we have clearly done or research and that we are doing what's best for our family, but thanks for the concern. Then SIL 2 texted back like 8 huge paragraphs about how we are endangering our child by giving him those foods and that she just couldn't keep quiet because of her training and because she is his aunt. It was all written in a very condescending tone but honestly some of the info was helpful. So my DH texted her back saying thanks for the info but this convo might've been better if she had just called us and gave us some tips rather than starting out by having her older sister texting us and getting us all on the defensive. She texted back "next time I'll keep my mouth shut then and you can do what you want" I tried calling her and she immediately sent me to her voicemail. So UGH.

Two questions:
1. Have we fed our son something we shouldn't have? I obviously don't want to endanger him
2. How do you deal with naysayers?

If you've made it to the end, thank you!!