DH and I are preparing for a med-free natural childbirth, and want to do everything in our power to avoid interventions, that way, if we do need any interventions, we can be confident that it is absolutely necessary for healthy baby & mommy! Our birth center requires we take their birth class (4 weeks), a breastfeeding class (1 day), and a newborn care class (1 day), which we have already signed up for. Our original plan was to do that AND get a doula, which was highly recommended to us. However, after doing some research, it appears that the price range for doulas in our area is a lot more expensive than we thought, so that is looking like it will not be a comfortable option. Now, I've started reading a book on the Bradley method, and I'm wondering if going through those classes could be a good alternative to hiring a doula (at less than half the cost!). Does anyone have experience with the Bradley method or doulas and can offer some advice? If we are going to do Bradley, we should sign up very soon, since the class we'd do begins in mid-October.