We have decided to make a switch for our LO - he is 21 months next week and he has been at his current school since he was 4 months old. While there is nothing "wrong" with his daycare now, it is lacking in some areas. It was fantastic for him as an infant, but as a toddler and beyond, the room is a bit small and they don't do a lot of activities. I'm confident in our decision, even if the transition will be hard.

My biggest concern is telling our current daycare we are leaving! I am typically really bad at this sort of confrontation - break ups, quitting jobs, etc.

Have you ever broken up with a daycare provider? I want to make sure we leave on good terms because if we have another LO we would definitely want to send them there for their infant/young toddler years. I think doing it via email will be best, but what do I say?