I am pregnant with #3. With each of my first two pregnancies, I ordered (through insurance) a double electric breast pump. I never used them. I have a terrible oversupply problem and generally speaking don't pump much (and then only with a manual pump). I also have high lipase, so I have to treat any milk I pump. I will be home with baby for quite awhile (like, generally would never leave for more than one feeding) and won't go back to work full-time until she's probably no more than a morning and night nurser. I still have one of the double electric pumps downstairs (no idea which) and I gave the other away.

With that said, I have a ton of options for a breast pump this time, but am intrigued by a single electric pump for a few reasons:
1) It looks like I could move around with it. I often nurse baby, put them down, and then pump while getting things done (one-handed...) A double electric mostly looks like I'd need to stay in one place.
2) It seems like less of a hassle, which is the reason I never used either of my other two DE pumps... That and I was intimidated.
3) I don't necessarily want/need something with a lot of "stimulation." Pumping can make the oversupply worse.

But I'm still having trouble pulling the trigger to order the single electric. Maybe because I'm feeling like it's a waste, when I could get a "better" pump for free? Like maybe I should just buy the single electric and get the double electric for free in case things are different this time? But then I do have that pump in the basement.

Thoughts? These would be the ones I'm choosing between: