We are currently in Manhattan and considering moving to Brooklyn. We pay an obscene amount for a 3 bed 3 bath here and even with a considerable decrease in rent we could still have something bigger in Brooklyn.

The other huge consideration is school. DS will be 4 in Sept so he qualifies for the free PreK. But obviously we could get placed anywhere in the city. Alternatively we could spend another year of private preschool, but the one we go to now, tuition is so astronomically high we have a hard time swallowing it - regardless of being able to afford it, it’s hard to fathom paying college tuition for a 4yo education.
So we are considering tons of options re: moving out of the city. Brooklyn is one of them but we know nothing about the school options - obviously it will vary but what are public schools like? Do they also have free pre-K and is it easier to get into the one you’re zoned for? What are the private preschool like and how much is tuition?

I know these are broad questions but I really don’t know enough details (like what hood we’re interested in - so also feel free to make that suggestion!) to even make the questions more specific.