DH & I have to make some pretty big plans in the next 6 months regarding our future goals/dream/plans. We are struggle to decide on a few options. It got me thinking....maybe we should have a 2 year plan (which we kinda do already) a 5 year plan and then a 10 year plan... i guess it would go something like this.

2 year plan
move to a new town ( a MUST for DH's work.)
have a baby (yaaay)
buy a house (these aren't in order by the way)

5 year plan
DH get promotion (move to town for best schools if not already there)
have babies 2 & 3 (eek )

10 year plan
get a block of land
take year off for DH and I to take family camping trip around Australia.

our problem is we can't decided which town to be in next.....one close to family for first baby or one far away where DH will earn almost double $$.

SO are you a 2, 5, 10 yr plan family....or do you just take things as they come?