looking for some hope and support here...i am in my two week wait (well I guess it's a little less than that since i did a 5 day transfer) - i woke up this morning (5 days post transfer) to some brown discharge after i went to the bathroom. of course, im terrified!!

i feel like it is too late for this to be implantation spotting as it is 5 days after instead of the normal 2 - 3 for 5 day transfers.

it was just a little bit of discharge (sorry for the TMI! ) - and i can't help but think it is the beginnings of my period.

i have to say i've been having some crazy cramps as well since transfer mostly at night. ive also been exhausted. but its so frustrating. this could all be from my progesterone, my period? or this cycle working. its like we just dont know.

but any ideas on the discharge?

please help!