I'm so torn on what to do regarding care for our newborn when I go back to work early September. I know this is a very personal decision, but I love to hear the perspectives of everyone here.

We are in a rural area of MI where overall risk of COVID is currently assessed at low (for what that is worth since we are discussing 3 months from now...September). We will have a Kindergartener in the fall who will be attending a private school, no bussing, carline only. DH and I both work FT. I can work from home, DH cannot.

In our area, nannies are not common. The cost of a nanny is approximately 5x the cost of daycare. The likelihood of us finding a nanny that someone we know personally can refer is extremely low.

I am involved with a daycare in town that we have an infant spot at. They are following all CDC recommendations. One of which is that parents are not allowed inside. This freaks me out but I understand. Our 5 year old attended daycare from 12 weeks on, so we are familiar with the daycare scene.

At the end of the day, I just can't reconcile the two very different risks: COVID-19 at daycare versus trusting a stranger alone in my home with my non-verbal infant. Cost is also a factor. If I feel overwhelmingly that a nanny is the right move, I'll happily spend the money. If Kindergarten ends up being remote, depending on circumstances, nanny could also take on 5 year old.

Obviously there are a ton of uncertainties (that we are all facing). The planner in me feels like I need to commit to nanny now if that is the right choice, and start searching.

Anyone else faced with a similar decision. Or, what thoughts/questions/ideas pop into your head while reading this. Thank you!