I’m curious how everyone is managing holidays and Covid risk this year. We’re still mostly social distancing and extended family (my parents and some of the siblings on both sides) are not. In the past we’ve done Thanksgiving with both sides of the extended family. I’m getting pressed from my parents to do Thanksgiving there in particular but they won’t even go so far to say there won’t be random people coming to the house. My dad literally said “we’re vaccinated what more do you want from us”. It hurts, but it think we’re going to bow out. We haven’t made a call on the other side yet because the family that isn’t social distancing tests regularly. We’re low risk in terms of death or serious disease, but our two year old is in a mixed age daycare and we really don’t want to be the ones to get someone else’s tiny baby sick. Never mind the logistics of quarantining with a two year old and two demanding jobs.