So, we like LO’s daycare for the most part. She’s 4 months and in the infant room. There are 16 babies and 4 workers. The ladies there love her and we've had pretty good experiences so far. The only thing that kind of bothers me is that both of her main caregivers always comment on what a great baby she is. So good that sometimes they don’t even know she’s there since all the other babies are always crying and fussing. Honestly, she is a great baby, very chill for the most part and easygoing. But part of me is bothered by it, I feel like she may not be getting as much attention because she’s not “the squeaky wheel” as my mom puts it.

We got a letter last stating they are increasing tuition $12 / week, so we're going from $240 to $252 / week. That’s only a 5% increase and they said they haven’t increased prices since 2010. However, we just started a month ago, so it’s kind of annoying they never mentioned they were considering a price increase.

One of the girls I work with had her baby a month before me and goes to an in-home daycare around the corner from our house (about 5 minutes). She loves it; her daughter has been going for 2 months. It's a mother-daughter team and there are currently 2 babies and they have a spot open. They also watch 6 toddlers up to age 3. The cost is $180 a week. They have the same hours as the current place, pretty much the same days off schedule, and the same distance from home/work.

All of that to say - I don't really want to change per se, but it's already pretty expensive paying for daycare. We can afford the increase, but I guess I’m just annoyed we didn’t know about it. I didn't do an at home place initially because I didn't have anyone to refer me to one and I just wasn't comfortable with one person watching my baby. My co-worker loves this place and I trust her judgment, so I think I am comfortable with it.

We are going to meet with the new place tonight. I got a good vibe over the phone - she sounds organized, has run a local daycare before, has a handbook, was very friendly. She says she will text/call during the day to let us know she’s ok (which my co-worker loves). My current place is usually really short over the phone and I kind of feel like a dummy when I call to check on DD.

My biggest worry is changing her around from place to place. And I think I would want to do more of a pre-school setting when she's older so she'll be used to a school environment vs. in home. So that would be another change when she gets older.

What would you Bees do? We have to give a 2 weeks’ notice to our current place if we want to leave. I feel bad moving DD around but at this age I don't see where she's getting a lot out of being around 15 other babies and we could always use the extra money. We can afford the increase, but if we moved it would end up saving us almost $5,000 a year.