My kindergarteners attend public school in the AM and montessori school in the PM (wrap around style).

Previously they were in a traditional daycare/preschool - so I'm new to this whole montessori thing...

Our Montessori school just announced that they want to return to some pre-Covid habits, like parents providing snack for the class instead of everyone bringing their own snack in their lunch boxes.

So they asked for volunteers to sign up to provide snack for the week.

Have you ever had your child in a school that did this? What do you bring? There are 30 kids in the class and it feels like I would need to bring a boatload of food in. I have always tried to provide my own kids with minimal junkfood and more fruits /grains /proteins so that snack time gave them energy to continue learning. I am not perfect or holier than thou..... but I'm having trouble thinking about what I would send in for a weeks worth of healthy snacks.

The curveball is also that I do not drop them off - they ride the bus here - so I guess I would need to bring at least Monday's snacks in on Friday when I pick up the kids. But the logistics are a whole 'nother animal!