DS is 4.5 years old, and we have switched to a new school for pre-k. We are not allowed to pack lunch (school lunch and one afternoon snack is provided), but we are required to pack a "nutritious morning snack". The snack needs to be nut-free finger foods (no spoon). We can pack with an ice-pack, but reheating is not available. The snack is eaten cold or at room temperature.

After a few days of school, I noticed the lunch they provided lack protein. One day it was cheese ravioli with broccoli and some fruit, the other day is some pasta marinara. Today was french toast and eggs. The afternoon snacks was also disappointing.... applesauce for 2 days (which DS doesn't eat), and today they served "veggie sticks", which is really carrot flavored chips. Sigh. I was spoiled by his daycare which sometimes provided real fruits as snacks! Back then we were also allowed to pack lunch.

There is really minimal protein for the entire day other than morning and dinner, so I want to pack protein-filled, nut-free morning snacks. I am going to make him a mini (leftover) chicken, lettuce and cheese sandwich tomorrow. I also thought about getting sunflower butter (sunbutter), which has equal amounts of protein as peanut butter. Other things I could do are mini hotdog bites, or little turkey and spinach rollups... but I kinda want to stay away from processed meat if possible. Quail eggs is another possibility. I thought about baking something for him with meat inside, but those won't taste good cold.

You guys are so creative so I thought I'd put it out here to pick your brains! Any wise thoughts / recipes to share??