So I started with a naturopath to help with my hormone balancing but also to lose some of the baby weight. My weight has stayed exactly the same postpartum, regardless of the amount of exercise i'm doing or if i'm eating well or not and I'm getting really frustrated.

She has recommended upping my protein and cutting all snacks. Essentially, three meals a day with 4-5 hrs between them. Also recommended only eating one type of protein per meal (ie. breakfast is just milk, lunch just soy, dinner just lentils etc) with veggies and some fruit. The no snacking thing has helped my energy levels in the morning but its harder in the afternoon.

I'm struggling how to get my protein levels up! I've been having yogurt for breakfast with fruit but a cup of yogurt gives me 10g of protein, if I can't add other sources to it I can't get up to even the recommended 30% protein for the day. I'm getting about 15% now.

Does anyone have any vegetarian (no eggs or mushrooms either) single protein source meals?