My MIL has come out twice and she has been a lot of help. ️DH can handle the babies alone but it's nice when she is here. She now lives in FL with her husband. He's is a retired veteran that travels for his job. He works for 3 week stretches then comes home to FL for a week.

My MIL actually brought this up a few days ago. She can't afford to fly out herself but we could pay for her flight to come out here to spend time with the babies. After 2-3 weeks, she would fly back to FL for a week and if she is up for it, ️return back to Seattle. I'm already thinking that she can pay for the flight using FF credit card and we'll pay for her that flight. So she'll be accumulating FF miles at the same time.

I'm so glad she brought this up. It actually was looking for some part time help for DH. Like a nanny or an au pair. I guess we figure grandma care is better than finding a nanny.

Win win I think!

I'm sure my situation is very unique.