Hi all, I just gave birth to my second on Monday and didn't expect for my milk to come in so quickly, nor did I expect the accompanying engorgement. It's overwhelming because with DD1 I experienced 20+ plugged ducts and this is just a reminder of those awful times. Breastfeeding was a huge contributor to my PPD so I am already beginning to struggle...

My questions are:

1. How long does this usually last?
2. What is going on with my breasts exactly; how do I know if this is enforcement from milk coming in versus plugged ducts?
3. I am nursing on demand and DD's suction is great so she is able to get the right breast to a comfortable place but the left side is constantly quickly returning to that engorged, taut state. Not sure why or what I can do to help that. I've tried block feeding but no luck. Am I overstimulating it?
4. Should I consider using cabbage leaves to alleviate the left side even a little? If so, how frequently would I need to do this and how fast does it work? I don't want to dry up the supply completely but would this help even things out?

Any other advice would be great. I've met and spoken to several lactation consultants and still feel lost and overwhelmed.