Has anyone else had an infant who was a particularly fast eater when breastfeeding? My 6 week old has been nursing for only 6-8 minutes the past few weeks. It seemed too short so I’ve tried encouraging more but she either won’t do it at all or if she does she spits it all back up. I’ve started to accept that she might be taking a full feeding in such a short time. It does feel like she’s emptying my breast, and her diapers and weight gain seem fine. She is super gassy though but I’m not sure if that has to do with the speed she’s eating. I also worry it’s a sign of oversupply though nothing seems to be wrong yet. Both my older 2 ate for 20-30 minutes at least at this time so it feels like new territory. Anyone else have experience with this? Do I need to be worried or on the lookout for anything (like oversupply/ fore/hind milk imbalance)?