My almost one year old started daycare last week. She is adjusting well (as can be expected) except for the fact that she will not nap. We had a pretty solid nap routine going and this gradual entry has really shaken things up. I know it's only been a week but I need some reassurance.

She has only napped 20 min in her crib and 30 minutes when they were holding her. Yesterday she outright refused to nap even though they were rocking her. This has affected her home naps as she has fought each one and I have resorted to putting her in the ergo to give her SOME sleep.

Is this just a transition? Will she go back to being my (semi) decent sleeper? Her overnight sleep has been great but it's because she is so overtired. Is there anything I can do to help her/the daycare with naps? She has her sleepsack and lovey. I feel so bad for the daycare ladies and my sweet baby!