I become a WOHM next Monday. Our nanny has started this week. For the past four months, I've had to hold LO for naps in order for her to get any real rest. It's been extremely hard. My nanny is very much older and a little old school. I know that she wants to get LO used to sleeping in her crib, so she has not been holding her. I've gotten LO to go down, put her down, but she will not sleep for more than 15 minutes.

I'm worried about coming home to an overtired baby everyday for the next month or more while we try to fix this (if we ever fix this). Has anyone had to deal with this? If LO was sleeping well at night, did the constant sleep deprivation begin to affect their nighttime sleep? I'd love to hear about what your daycare or babysitter/nanny did to help resolve this issue.