I’ll try to keep this brief, but hoping for some feedback/advice.

My DD will be 3.5 at the end of September, but won’t start Kindergarten until September 2020. She currently attends a daycare centre for 2 days/week, and my mom watches her the other three days while DH and I work.

We are expecting #2 in early November, so I will most likely start my mat leave before the end of October. I will be off for at least a year (so until after DD starts Kindergarten).

DH and I are currently leaning towards only sending DD to daycare one day/week (instead of 2), starting Nov. 1 (baby is due Nov. 8). This is mainly to save money while I’m on mat leave. I don’t want to pull her out completely because although we don’t LOVE her daycare, she likes it and I think the interaction with other kids is important.

I guess I’m mainly just wondering if it’s better to leave her schedule as is (two days per week), or if reducing to one day per week at daycare makes sense (other than just saving us money). Will we wish we could send her both days once baby arrives (so I/we only have to deal with the baby two days/week)?

For those of you who had (an) older child(ren) in daycare when a new baby arrived, did you change/reduce their daycare schedule at all? Why/why not?