Our preschool is making plans to reopen at the start of June, assuming all shelter in place orders are lifted at that time. If they do reopen, we have to make the decision as to whether to send back our two kids (ages almost 5 and 2.5). I’m stumped on what the right decision is....while part of me wants to keep them home and not risk exposure, delaying a return to preschool or school seems useless unless we’re going to make a decision to keep them home indefinitely until a vaccine or treatment is available, and that’s not practical. If anything, it’s probably safer to return now than it will be in a month if cases climb after the state reopens....very likely things will shut down again in the fall (if they ever fully reopen before then), so perhaps sending them now is best so they can get some playtime and instruction before numbers increase and we’re back in shutdown mode. What are others planning on doing?