My 13 mo has a very strong preference for purees, and a strong aversion to finger foods/being spoon fed. When he doesn't want something, it's a very hard no.

He absolutely refused repeated attempts at blw. Around 10 months he started to take some finger foods, but he has been sick a bunch for the past month and has regressed. He will eat virtually anything in packet form, but will refuse the same puree on a spoon or as finger food. so i.e. he'll gulp down a pureed banana from a (super-overpriced) packet, but refuses pureed banana on a spoon or banana as a finger food. The one exception is that he loves cheerios, and does great at picking them up and eating them.

I have cooked so many different types of food for him and pack him a few finger foods every day for his lunch at daycare, but he's pretty picky there as well. I brought it up at his 12 month checkup, but ped was not concerned as he's a healthy weight. We can bring it up again at the 15 month, but I don't think any sort of feeding therapy will be an option until then, if at all.

Anybody dealt with this? What was your strategy? I don't know if it's my fault for offering packets: he just prefers them and holds out for it and would do fine with finger foods once he realizes packets are no longer an option. Or if there are other things I need to do to build his tolerance for finger foods first. He did have an anaphylactic reaction around 10 months when we introduced an allergen. I don't know if that could have caused an aversion to finger food, but the regression didn't start at that time...