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December POAS: 6+ months

  1. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    @doxielove: thanks so much. My other problem is that my doctor gave me progesterone to take after O. But if I start taking it now then my 7dpo bloodwork will be skewed. So I might just go at 5/6dpo and then start taking the P. Hopefully that will be ok.

  2. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    Clomid cycle 2 and I think I O'd on cd14. I'm 9dpo today and I have zero symptoms. Pretty darn sure I'm not pregnant. Trying to just be chill this cycle.

    I have decided I'm going to test at 13dpo on New Year's Eve to make sure I can drink without fear. Not that I haven't been drinking throughout the holidays. Whatever. After 2 years, you just roll with it.

    But I figure I might have more than my usual 2-3 glasses, so why the hell not. My husband hates when I test and then get sad, so I'm going to try and hide this testing.

    Anyone else going to test so they can drown their sorrows?

  3. LibbyLou

    kiwi / 739 posts

    @mrsjd: I'm only 1dpo so I would definitely get a negative. When I did get pregnant I tested (11dpo) before going on a weekend trip. I also wanted to drink. It was negative so I drank away. Period didn't Come and although I felt normal I tested at 14dpo and got my this isn't helping you chill I realize just telling you my story

  4. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    @LibbyLou: Thanks for sharing! I usually have no chill whatsoever but it's been easier this time. Since the Clomid is making me ovulate and my husband had a perfect SA (like 100 million with 62% motility), I'm feeling like it's going to work out eventually, just maybe not this month!

  5. LibbyLou

    kiwi / 739 posts

    @mrsjd: that is an awesome outlook! I should try to be more like you- I know I can get pregnant on Clomid- ectopics are "freak accidents" so I should just chill and wait until it happens. ....but I'm a crazy person every month. I know after the fact when I have a child I will laugh about how nuts I am. I just can't seem to stop. 😐😁
    Good luck when you test, maybe you'll be surprised early!

  6. LoveHope

    kiwi / 689 posts

    I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I took a few days off which was a good distraction for me. I POAS yesterday and the day prior and BFN I'm also beginning to spot so I think I'm out. We meet with the RE on Monday to begin our first medicated IUI with injectables. Never did I think i would be going down this road but here I am. I'm excited and scared at the same time. Im sure I'm going to be a total nutjob once I begin the meds but it's out of my control.
    How are you ladies doing?

  7. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    @LoveHope: I'm sorry you're having to go down this path, but it's exciting to be doing something productive! Fingers crossed for you. Try to distract yourself if you can (easier said than done)!

    I'm good. Trying to focus on my goals at work to distract myself from TTC. And really focusing on my health. I'm 5'7" and I weigh 139-142 depend on how I've been eating so my weight is in a normal range. But I really want to lose body fat and end up between 133-135. This would still put me at a healthy BMI. I also want to be able to do a pull up in 2016. Hopefully those goals will provide a good distraction.

  8. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    Hi girls! I've been catching up and I'm saying prayers for this group for sure!! I hope you don't mind me jumping in!! We've been TTC since Aug. '14. It's been a crazy journey and I think my thyoid levels have been the culprit of my lack of ovulation! I've tried Clomid and Femara with no such luck!!! Now I'm struggling with a short Luteal phase (8 days). I had a laprascopy in Nov. and everything looked great. My gyno wants me to try 1 more round of Femara before I go to RE. I really think I need some kind of progesterone supplement, but my gyno won't agree. I'm thinking the RE is exactly what I need!!
    I'm currently in the 2WW. I'm on 7DPO. Praying for at least a Luteal phase of 10 this time. Really I would love a BFP, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up! Hoping and praying 2016 brings baby dust to all!

  9. LoveHope

    kiwi / 689 posts

    @mrsjd: It's always a good thing to distract yourself with other goals. Sometimes, we forget about everything else in life because we're so consumed with ttc. I think it's great to set other goals for yourself! Lots of good luck to you.

  10. LoveHope

    kiwi / 689 posts

    @Winnie13: I'm hypothyroid and currently taking meds for it. As of June, my levels have balanced out but I still have not been successful. Wish you all the best!

  11. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    I have a consultation with my RE this afternoon to discuss our next steps. I'm nervous; I'm hoping she doesn't balk at the fact that I'm asking why she doesn't monitor on clomid + IUI cycles. I know if I were an MD, I would get irritated if a patient came in all like, "I know you went to med school and all, but according to the internet..."

    It's also CD16 and no positive opk. I hate how my ovulation day has been incredibly inconsistent on clomid (CD 14, CD17, now CD?) ETA - I'm probably just being dramatic. BD is getting exhausting, though!

  12. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    @Winnie13: Hi! Welcome! My luteal phases are usually 9-10 days. My RE didn't seem concerned, as my progesterone levels were within the normal range. I'm going to press her for a supplement, though...

  13. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @Doxielove: Thank you! Yea, I really want a progesterone supplement! With every thing I've been reading, it's at least worth a try!! I don't think there is anything wrong with asking to be monitored. I think you are paying for it, so why not. Anything to make you feel more comfortable during an uneasy time. Go for it girl!

    @lovehope: Infertility Is one of the most difficult things to deal with. It's an emotional roller coaster for sure! It's a hard next step to come to, but an exciting one! It might be just what you need! If you don't mind me asking, What are your TSH levels? Mine was at .03 forever and then I cut back on my meds and went up to 3.1!! Way too high! Adjusted my meds again and waiting to see where it is! Hopefully somewhere between 1-2!

    @Mrs.jd: That sounds wonderful! I don't think people understand how stressful this entire process is! It takes a toll for sure!! A distraction is just what I need too! I think I may start walking and focusing on things to help me destress!

  14. LibbyLou

    kiwi / 739 posts

    @doxielove: crazy! My ovulation is like clockwork on Clomid. 7 days after last pill. Have you done same days each time? Boo that sucks.

  15. LoveHope

    kiwi / 689 posts

    @Winnie13: When I first tested in February/2015, they were about a 3.0 which is way too high when you're TTC. By August, my levels were at 2.5 and now I'll be testing soon again. I'm on 50mcg of Levothyroxine. I suspect my levels are under 2.5 but the dr says they should be lower than 2.0

  16. LoveHope

    kiwi / 689 posts

    A little update: AF arrived (a day or two earlier than it was supposed to). I called the RE since I plan on starting my medicated IUI treatment this cycle but my appointment is on Monday the 4th and they want me to start birth control to delay ovulation. I just feel like my body is going to be in hormone hell with all the meds and now bc too. Anyone experience anything similar. I'm a bit hesitant and thought maybe we can skip this cycle but I'll probably hate myself next month for doing that.

  17. Crystal

    grapefruit / 4028 posts

    @delight: I know you don't want to "sit out" a cycle, but I would want to have the best info moving forward, so I'd probably do the bloodwork at 7DPO and start P after that. I don't know how useful 5/6DPO levels will be because your P peaks at 7 DPO. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

    @Winnie13: welcome, I hope your stay here is short!

    @doxielove: my O date was crazy the two months I was on Clomid. My first month, I Od about cd17 (my normal o date). I took the Clomid earlier the next month and Od CD21.

    @LoveHope: I am so sorry, friend. All my fingers and toes are crossed for you that this is successful. Are you trying any other protocols besides injectable meds?

    @mrsjd: those are great goals!

    I'm going to continue working on losing weight and eating healthy this next year. I'm trying to focus on positivity and putting an emphasis on my mental health. I think @LoveHope: is so right that TTC can be all consuming, and I don't want it to overwhelm my life this next year.

    I should be Oing this week- bring on the champagne!

  18. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @lovehope: I'm sorry. Hopefully the meds is exactly what your body needs! I know your leary because of all the meds, but it may be worth the try!

    @crystal: Thank you!!

    I definitely think having goals and putting some efforts into other things is a healthy way to start the new year! Some of my goals:
    1. Walking more
    2. Limiting my sugar & caffeine ( I have 2 cups of scrumptious coffee every morning... I know... Not good)!
    3. Focus on all the blessings in my life.
    4. Spend more time with God.

    What are some of your goals?

  19. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    Sooooo I had my RE consult yesterday. Here's the gameplan:

    1) Current Cycle: It's CD17 and I took clomid CD5-9; we're just doing TI this cycle, with a progesterone test @ 7dpo (she'll add a progesterone supplement next cycle if the # comes back low). My RE does not think I'm responding well to the clomid given my side effects (hot flashes and migraines, mainly), erratic O date, and heavy periods.

    2) Next Cycle: Switching to letrozole + IUI. As for the monitoring...no ultrasounds. She explained that she only does monitoring for injectible cycles, as you can adjust the dosages of the meds as needed. With clomid/letrozole, by the time I'd be done taking the meds (CD9), what's done is done and ultrasounds won't help me get pregnant - it would just be an additional cost. (She sounds very Lean - doesn't like doing non-value added things...) Yes, it gives you more information, and if I really really wanted daily ultrasounds she would acquiesce. She suggested a middle ground of doing daily bloodwork beginning CD10 during my 2nd IUI to test for LH.

    I think that covers it. I feel good about the next steps. Here's hoping that letrozole is my saving grace!!

    @LibbyLou: 1st cycle was 4-8 (I had some confusion over what was CD 1...I got my period around noon but did not count that as CD1). 2nd and 3rd cycle, 5-9.

  20. Crystal

    grapefruit / 4028 posts

    @doxielove: sounds Ike a great plan! Are you going to ask for monitoring, or are you comfortable with the bloodwork?

  21. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    @doxielove: Always nice to have a plan! !

    So, I'm 12 dpo and blissfully not testing. I had a margarita last night. I know I'm going to feel somewhat guilty about this if I end up being pregnant, but hell after 2 years of this, I've just decided to screw it. I'll test next week if I miss my period. I really don't think I am. I have no symptoms except my boobs are sore and this is a new one - they're really itchy! Soreness could be the progesterone. That happened last month so I don't consider it a pregnancy symptoms. Otherwise, I feel totally normal.

  22. doxielove

    persimmon / 1388 posts

    @Crystal: No, I'm not going to ask for monitoring. I think bloodwork will be sufficient enough to nail down the right timing! Idk, maybe I'm being naive, but it feels right, for now at least.

    I finally got a + opk last night!! CD17! It was nice and dark. I haven't gotten a "true" positive these past 2 months on clomid. I'd be thrilled if we didn't have to move on to IUI. I know DH would be, too. He hates doing it in a cup.

    @mrsjd: Good luck!! When are you planning on testing?

    I hope you ladies have a fabulous NYE!! DH and I are having a quiet night in. We've gone out the past few years, so I'm looking forward to not dealing with all the drunken madness!

  23. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    @doxielove: YES! As someone who did not ovulate on my own before Clomid, I know the pure joy of a true positive opk!!!!!! Get busy.

    Thanks! You know, I have no idea. I thought I would test today but I didn't feel like going to the store yesterday. I want to wait until after next Tuesday when my period is supposed to arrive. But I'm sure my crazy self won't be able to hold off until then.

  24. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @doxielove: That's a great plan and woohoo for a strong positive!!! That is so exciting!! Prayers and FX!!!

    @mrsjd: I think waiting is great, but easier said then done! Lol! Prayers and FX'd for a BFP!

    Today makes 8 DPO or 9 DPO... Not too sure. If it's CD9 that would be huge because normally I get AF on 9DPO, so praying I still don't get AF tomorrow! Would love if my Luteal phase was a bit longer. I did POAS this morning and I got a BFN! I'm thinking I may try again on Sunday if AF doesn't arrive.. I don't know I've never made it that far in my cycle, so we will see!!

    Hope everyone has a safe NYE! Enjoy!!

    Happy New Year!!

  25. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    @Winnie13: The struggle is real. I will probably test in the next 2-3 days. By now, it should be accurate. I got a pretty strong positive with my chemical last year on 12 dpo.

    Stay away AF!!

  26. Crystal

    grapefruit / 4028 posts

    @doxielove: all that matters is that you feel good about it! I got my positive opk last night too, fx to us both!

    @Winnie13: @mrsjd: fx for you both!

    I hope everyone has an amazing NYE and that 2016 treats all of us better!

  27. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    Starting off 2016 with a bfp. Cycle 24 and clomid cycle 2. 12 or 13 dpo. Tentatively happy. Glad I only had one beer yesterday. 2 1/2 hour hold and came up almost immediately. My only worry is that I had brown spotting right as I peed to take the test. It was very old looking.

  28. BandDmommy

    pomelo / 5660 posts

    @mrsjd: yay!!! Congrats!!! Spotting is very common in early pregnancy.

  29. pwnstar

    pear / 1718 posts

    @mrsjd: YASSSSSSS 🎉🎉🎉

  30. FaithFertility

    eggplant / 11861 posts

    @mrsjd: Congratulations!!!!!

  31. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    @FaithFertility: @pwnstar: @pwnstar: thank you all so much. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. The spotting isn't much and is very dark but I'm weirded out by it. I'll call for a blood test on Monday. Due date would be September 10.

  32. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @Mrsjd: My heart just did a little dance for you!! Will be praying for you! That could very well be implantation bleeding. What a wonderful way to start out the new year!!! So fabulous!!!

  33. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @crystal: Yay for a pos OPK! Hoping this is your cycle for sure!!

    Today makes 9/10 DPO with a BFN. I'm just still so thrilled that AF hasn't come!! This is my longest Luteal phase ever! First real chance of conception this cycle, so woo!!!
    If my temp stays high tomorrow, I'm sure I'll test... Everyday of high temps at least! Lol! Once it drops I know AF will be on its way, so I'll enjoy the thrill of POAS while it lasts! Lol.

    I've been having some on and off again cramping for about 2 days, so I think it's on its way. Time will tell! Right now, I'm off to take down Christmas... So sad!!

  34. mrsjd

    clementine / 777 posts

    @Winnie13: You're so sweet! Thank you. Been TTC in some fashion since January 2014 so if it can happen for me, it can happen for anyone. Just praying this one ends in a healthy baby. Wishing you the absolute best - lengthening luteal is fab!

    @Crystal: positive opks are wonderful! (I say this as someone who until recently never got them) Yay!

  35. delight

    pomelo / 5326 posts

    Sorry ladies! We've been away at the cottage for a few days!
    @mrsjd: amazing news for you!! I wish you all the best. I hope this is the stickiest of bAbies!!
    @Winnie13: welcome to you! I have a short LP too and just started progesterone this month.
    @doxielove: so awesome to see a positive OPK! Good luck this cycle!
    @Crystal: good luck to you too this month!!!

    I'm at 7dpo now. I started Progesterone a couple days ago and haven't had any side effects yet. I ended up doing my CD21 blood test at 5dpo and my results came back at 9.8 which isn't as low as I thought it would be but still seems low so I'm supplementing. I'll test Monday. We only were able to DTD at 0-3 and 0-2 because of the holidays so I'm not overly confident anyways!

  36. Ajsmommy

    pomegranate / 3355 posts

    @mrsjd: this just made my day!! Congrats!!

  37. Winnie13

    kiwi / 501 posts

    @delight: Short LP's are so frustrating!! How long is your LP? 9.8 is pretty good for 5DPO. My gyno wants to see anything over 10 at 7 DPO. Glad you're getting supplements though and yay to know side effects! That's a positive! Hopefully you will see a big difference this cycle and this is your cycle! FX for you for a BFP and a healthy LP!
    I asked my GYNO for progesterone and he wouldn't prescribe it. The highest my prog. has been after a medicated O was 4... Which isn't very promising. I've been off meds for a few months now and am coming off a natural O... Pretty sure my progesterone was pretty good considering today make 10 DPO and still no AF!! WooHoo! If I don't get a good prog. number after my next round of Femara though, I'm hoping I can convince my gyno to let me try supplements before going to RE. We will see!

  38. LibbyLou

    kiwi / 739 posts

    @mrsjd: whaaat! Yay yay yAy!

  39. ms.line

    pear / 1770 posts

    @mrsjd: Hooray, congrats!

  40. LibbyLou

    kiwi / 739 posts

    @Winnie13: I just saw this as I was googling
    * Based on Guassian distribution for the study conducted by Wilcox, et al., which concluded that, for most women, implantation of the fertilized egg into the endometrium occurs approximately 6 to 12 days after ovulation and that the most likely days to implant are days 8, 9 and 10 post ovulation.

    Just an FYI for you! You may be good only at a 9day luteal!

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