My daughter turns 5 at the end of the month and is currently in a T-K program. She is set to go to kindergarten this fall but we’re considering holding her back a year so we can hopefully avoid disruption to her first year of formal schooling especially bc if the schools shut down again (and they likely will), I’ll likely be working remotely again while trying to facilitate distance learning (and it’s been hard enough working remotely while having a 4 and 2 year old here but at least there was no formal class work to do too). She’d be on the younger side if she starts kindergarten now but she’d likely be the oldest (or one of) if she starts kindergarten when she’s over 6 years old. Thoughts on pros/cons of making the decision to hold her back? Would it disadvantage her to stay behind another year (she would still have some friends at her TK staying behind and her teacher is great)? I also like the idea of staying with our current community and system during this crazy time rather than starting a new school and trying to meet new teachers and parents (and new friends for my daughter) while we’re stuck on Zoom classes.... Thanks!