Hi everyone!

This is my first cycle charting and also my first cycle with AF (after going off BC in October). FF originally confirmed that I ovulated on CD21. Although my temps stayed above the coverline, which was 97.48, I never really got a temp spike. Yesterday, FF took away my crosshairs and said it could no longer detect ovulation.

Here is my chart

Do you think I ovulated or am I in for another long cycle? I wasn't following CM too closely, but I did have cramping for a few days. After FF detected O, I noticed watery CM for a few days as well.

I'm just so frustrated! I know all I can do is keep temping and BD'ing and see when AF arrives. My temp dipped a bit again today so I think it is coming soon, but it's so frustrating not knowing where I am in my cycle!!

Sorry for the vent...thanks for listening!