Charlie cried a lot the first couple days of his life I think because he was hungry. Once we started supplementing with formula on the advice of doctors and nurses because of his jaundice, he was a lot happier. He was a big hungry boy. We continued to supplement for the first couple of weeks, and then I was able to increase my milk supply enough (by taking more milk plus) that we didn't need to supplement.

I eventually weaned him at 9 months due to his allergic reaction to my pesticide ingestion (we had bed bugs), and he had formula until he was one when we transitioned him to cow's milk.

With olive, I supplemented with a tiny bit of formula for two days because of her jaundice, but then I was able to produce enough colostrum/milk for her tiny belly. I hope I can exclusively breastfeed for the first year with her, but it is tough! I can't stand the engorgement and breast pads.

Did you formula feed or supplement with formula? I feel like there is too much guilt placed on moms to exclusively breastfeed, but my pediatrician said that as long as they get two feedings of breast milk a day, they're still getting almost all the benefits. I've lived by that and it makes me feel a lot better because I have nothing against formula.

Did you formula feed or supplement with formula?