My supply appears to be going down the toilet. I'm not terribly surprised, as I got AF back early and started work a few weeks ago (and didn't have that great of a supply to begin with), but I'm still pretty disappointed. A morning pump now only gets me 2oz instead of 6-8, and I'm only getting 7-9oz total for 3 pumps at work.

I've started chugging water and I'm going to buy some mother's milk tea this weekend, but to be honest, I'm not terribly optimistic. So, looks like we will be supplementing one of her bottles at daycare as a formula. Not happy about it (cried my eyes out this morning at the dang 2oz) but such is life.

Here's my question: how long were you able to continue BF-ing if you started to supplement? I want her to get at least 75% of her milk from me for as long as possible. Is this realistic? Is my supply just going to keep dropping? I love nursing her in the morning and evenings, and I nurse her to sleep every night, so now I'm terrified I won't be able to nurse her anymore and her sleep will go to crap.

Ugh. This blows. It's funny, I've told bees on here to not beat themselves up if they can't produce enough, and to not stress because they have to use formula, and here I am bawling because my boobs won't work.