Feeding has always been a dilemma in my household.

LO is almost 10 months. We are giving him 4 bottles and 3 solid meals a day. Lately he's been eating more solids, but majorly cutting down on breastmilk/formula intake. He used to take 16-18 oz a day, but now he's down to 12-14 oz a day, or less! He is eating 4-6 oz of solids each meal though.

Many people did say that between 9-12 months babies should be taking 16-24 oz a day of breastmilk or formula. Since he doesn't meet the "quota", should I be concerned....? He seems fine though and I am so sick of being concerned about him eating/not eating...etc. I feel like the story of my life has been when he drank more milk, I worried that he wasn't taking more solids and vice versa. This is getting old!!

How about your LOs?