Hi everyone! My little guy is 10.5 months now... he is on formula a few times a day and solids 3xday. He only has 1 tooth so we just introduced stage 3 solids recently, otherwise been having the pureed stage 2 and then some puffs. I already feel like we are behind on that since he gags at most chunky foods.... Now I feel like we are even more behind on sippy cup. He has zero interest. He just throws it. I tried using a straw one instead and if I hold it up to his mouth it looks like he is trying to get the hand of it but not really. I realize we should be transitioning to milk at 1 year... how does one go about doing that if their kid is still taking bottles? Do I just go straight to milk or is there a transition period?? I feel so clueless Any input would be appreciated!!!