I know the docs and all does not recommend giving a bottle to a child who is 1 year old or older, but I wonder how many of you are still giving a bottle to your 1+ year old toddler? If no, do you have tips and tricks of how to wean your LO off of the bottle?

I am struggling because LO is 11.5 months and he doesn't drink a lot of liquids from a sippy. Recently it has become very impossible to give him a bottle of formula during the day, so he only drinks maybe 3+ oz of formula in the morning (first wake) and 2-4.5 oz of formula before bedtime. And maybe 2 oz somewhere along the day, if we are lucky. I feel that if I take away the bottle he'd be drinking nothing for the entire day!

I just am dreading the thought that I have to take away the bottle by the time he turns 1! He'd usually wake up and cry and I'd shove a bottle in his mouth. Now if I give him a sippy I think he'd cry even more. I don't know. And considering he has always have problems with eating/drinking I worry about his growth. While he's still on the chart he is definitely the smaller size. (20% in weight, and I think he didn't grow much taller for the past 2+ months).

If you have been able to wean your LO off the bottle completely by age 1, do you have tips and tricks to share??