With #1, DH took off 2 weeks, and he WAH full-time so he was still there after that. I had visitors, but none specifically for PP help. (Besides in-laws being in and out and doing little things since they lived 5min away). I didn't want any help either.

For #2, DH will take 2 weeks off, but now he WOH FT. We are pulling #1 from daycare to save money since they have agreed to hold his spot. So I will be completely alone with both kids vs. he was still around last time and I just had the one baby.

Am I going to lose my mind and be begging anyone who will to come help? I know my MIL would at drop of a hat but we live 2 hours away now, so it would mean she would probably stay a week at a time, and we are friendly, but not friends so that sounds like too much!