In the past month my supply has been dropping. I work one day a week and went from producing 9-10oz to barely 3 all day. My son has continued to wake up every two hours and seems hungry when he does. He also nurses this frequently during the day. We do BLW but he is a pretty voracious eater of solid foods.
We decided to try a bottle of formula before bed, thinking it might help with sleep. He ate dinner, nursed, and then sucked down two ounces of formula. This happened again the next night with no change in sleep. Night three he took four ounces and then slept for 7 hours, and only woke up one other time all night.
That's become his new pattern.
I brought him to my husbands pediatric office and did a weighted feed- he got 1 ounce of breast milk. He hasn't lost any weight since his six month check but he was only up by a few ounces and had dropped nearly 25% or so (hard to say because of different scales, etc)

I'm calling his doctor today, mainly so we can develop a plan and get an official weight on his chart so that we can monitor progress by his 9 month check.

Yesterday he took two, 2 ounce bottles during the day (always following nursing- if he still seemed fussy, was banging on my chest in frustration, etc) and two ounces before bed

This was never an issue with my daughter who weaned herself at 26 months. I had a super easy breastfeeding experience with her. I really want to ensure that I can continue to nurse my son, even if it's not his primary source of nutrition for a lot longer.

So- advice? Anyone with a similar experience? How do I make sure he keeps nursing?
I'm not interested in medication or extra pumping at this point, but I am feeling pretty guilty like I must have done something wrong since this wasn't a problem for my daughter