S has normally drank three 4 or 5 oz bottles a day at daycare. I have always sent four bottles just in case I had a long day at work or if she seemed like she was still hungry.

She has been eating more solids, crawling and just hit 9 months last week--and now she is going through all four bottles at daycare. Not to mention, she has finally officially fallen off her growth curve (doctor is not too concerned, but we are keeping an eye on it!). Do you think she is hitting a growth spurt or that she generally needs more breast milk during the day?

I ask because the fourth bottle I send to daycare is normally from my frozen stash. I pump twice a day (getting around 15-16 oz total) and have minimal time to add another session in, so the fourth bottle isn't really sustainable. I have already started to send more solids, but do you think I should begin supplementing with formula?

I hate to do it if I don't have to, but I also don't want to burn through my stash.