My brother and SIL had no issues conceiving my niece. But when it came time for #2 it took them almost 7 years. I think it was a variety of things, stress on my brother's part caused by health reasons. I know they went through 3 rounds of invitro over a span of 4 years. I know with rounds 1 & 2 they saw the same specialist who was cheaper and not as highly regarded. Finally for #3 they decided it's all or nothing. So they ponied up and paid big bucks (this what they told me!) for a specialist that is very highly regarded and comes recommended by a lot of their friends. Finally on lucky number 3 it stuck and now we have another extra adorable, super healthy nephew who is 8 days older than my LO!

P.S. if any Bees in NYC want the name of the 2nd specialist let me know and I will ask my SIL.
I also wanted to add the only reason why I feel comfortable sharing this is my SIL has always been very open about this to friends and even extended family.

Do you know anyone that has gone through Invitro? Have they been successful yet?