My baby is currently 5 weeks old, and he has always preferred sleeping on his stomach (like his daddy, I suppose!) I've spent most nights sitting and holding him upright stomach-to-stomach, letting him sleep on my stomach while I was able to lay down, and recently, I've just plain put him down on his tummy. He's still not a great sleeper because I still have to hold him for most of the night, but sometimes, miraculously, we'll get 3 whole hours of sleep from him! Supposedly we can't spoil a newborn, but it's coming up to that time when he can potentially be spoiled, and I was just wondering if there were any methods to get him to sleep on his back! (And sleep longer too - but one issue at a time here!) =P Do you think this is something he will just grow out of? What did you do about your tummy sleeper? I think my baby has good head control, but still! What with all the back-sleeping talk, it's hard not to be concerned.