Backstory: Breastfed my first son for 16 months with Mastitis around 6 months old once.
DS2 is now 4.5 months and has been breastfed when i'm home and only bottle fed breastmilk at daycare. Have not introduced him to anything else yet.

Problem: My one breast is extremely itching all the time. Sometime it's not so bad, and other times I can't stand it. itching feels deep and when my son latches it almost feels relieved?? but as soon as he's done it itches again. No pain, no abnormal redness or sores/blisters. Doesn't look cracked. Pumping makes it itch more. I don't leak throughout the day, and it's only the one breast.
DS2 had his 4 month checkup last week and I asked to check him for signs of Thrush and he was clear.

Any ideas, comiseration, or tips? I was looking for maybe a cream I should try that's safe?