Hey everyone! TTC here, first serious cycle, a lot of NTNT and slacker "tries" months prior.

I have PCOS and wasn't sure if I was even ovulating. I recently lost a significant amount of weight so I hoped that will help. This cycle I got ovulation tests to be more accurate. PD1 was 10/16. I did my first ov test on PD 6 aka Sun (last day of AF) and it was neg. I forgot to do the ov test on Mon 10/22 and in the morning on 10/23. I remembered and did it that evening- and it was a positive! I wasn't expecting to ov until the 27th-ish, if at all.

I have heard obviously of the TWW before testing but obviously the best "sign" is missing your period. TWW should be about 11/6 (I plan to test 11/7 because I'm going out of town that night for a few days) but then don't expect my period until around 11/12, which would mean longer than a TWW until my period comes- almost 3 weeks!

This is messing with my mind. Not to mention my abdomen feels VERY weird today. Not pain, just a weird feeling, almost like cramps but much fainter. But my period is pretty reliable so I don't think it's AF coming 10 days early or anything. I took a cheapo test I had laying around but didn't realize until AFTER it's not a early detection one. It was, of course, a BFN.

When should I be expecting to test accurately? Do I truly have to wait til 20DPO? Anyone else an early ovulate-er?