Ahhh sleep. Probably the most discussed topic on these boards amiright?

I have a feeling I already know the answer to this question but maybe I just don’t like that answer. Ha

My 4 month old is a good napper and fairly good overnight sleeper. He is EBF. He goes down anywhere from 6-7:30 depending on if he takes a 4th catnap late in the day. He sleeps anywhere from that time until 12-4 at night. The first waking has become unpredictable. But that’s not the problem. The past 1.5 weeks he has been waking at 5 am for the day. Like “hey mom I’m ready to party.” Cooing, laughing wide awake. I can’t get him back to sleep. I’ve tried adjusting bedtimes and it doesn’t help. My husband is working 9 am -2 am keeping both nyc and Europe work hours so I can’t let the baby fuss (and we are in an air B and B rental).

Anything to try? He sleeps next to us in a pack n play in a doc a tot (we are currently living abroad in Europe for 3 months).

His naps are erratic and loosely scheduled bc we are always on the go and I have a 3 yo. (With my first I was so strict and observant about schedules but I just can’t can’t bc of his older sister. I have no help and she’s not in school here) But generally he takes 3 naps 8:30, 11ish, 3ish for anywhere from 40 min to 1.5 hours (probably total of 3-3.5 hours of naps)

I’m at a loss. I’m sure I’m going to be told that this is the 4 month sleep regression but I’m not sure if this is what that feels like. With my first it was just multiple night wakings ever 1-3 hours. He’s still sleeping ok overnight; he’s just awake so early. It totally throws the rest of my day bc he wants to go down for his first nap at 7 am.