LO is starting kindergarten in the fall and despite my best efforts she has not been able to master the skill of opening up the containers I use for her lunch on her own. We do sort of an individualized bento style lunch for daycare, which she really enjoys, so I end up putting a lot of separate reusable containers in her lunch (ie. one for chicken nuggets, one for blueberries, one for cucumbers, etc.). I've tried using a one piece lunchbox and for some reason she HATES it - complained about smells mixing, food leaking (even thought it didn't) and I'd rather just not have to deal with that again. Anyone have any suggestions for reusable food containers that are easy to open but don't leak?? I'm terrified of a hangry child getting a bad start in kindergarten!

(all of this assumes that we'll be going to school in person in the fall...)