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Elective C-Section?

  1. aunt pol

    kiwi / 525 posts

    @birdieputt: well I just had a consultant appt today, and she is very much in the NO camp for me having an elective section, because of the additional and increased risks of complications because of my weight. For me, Twin 1 is head down and Twin 2 is breech, and she did not consider that anywhere near sufficient grounds to plan a section. So I'm a bit bummed today really. If I put my foot down they'll do an elective/Planned section, but at the end of the day what I want most is whatever kind of delivery gets me and the babas out safe and well. She was understanding about my views on the difficult recovery from emergency sections that I've heard about, but she feels the risk of blood clots etc is too significant to overlook.

  2. ecogirl

    kiwi / 534 posts

    I was 100% elective and even chose the date of both c-sections I am pretty tiny and felt that medically a c-section would be better for me and my doctor agreed. My husband is away very often and I wanted to time the births in a way that would afford my husband being present without having to juggle too much at work. My doctors were totally on board with my decisions and monitored me the whole time to make sure they were done cooking haha So I guess I'm too posh to push?

  3. GrapeCrush

    grapefruit / 4823 posts

    I had to have an emergency c-section with my son. After talking to the doctor a couple days after birth, he said I'll more than likely need a c-section for any future pregnancies. Once the doctor was inside he realized that I have an android shaped pelvis, which isn't really conducive for vaginal delivery. DS was never even able to drop in to my pelvis. He said I can try to deliver naturally, and it may work. Because of the good chance I will need a c-section, any future pregnancies I'm going to just schedule c-sections. And this way I won't have to labor
    Also, my recovery hasn't been that bad at all. I was up moving around the next day at the hospital. I would really only 'hurt' on the edges of the incision.

  4. Brandnew

    apple seed / 1 posts

    Hi, I know this thread is old but I'm new to New York, newly pregnant and in search of an OBGYN. I have what I would call a pathological fear of childbirth so I'm wondering if anyone here could help me out with an understanding doctor? Much appreciated!

  5. Raspberry

    kiwi / 598 posts

    I didn't have one but my friend elected for C-sections with both of her births. Her OB made her go to a counseling session to make sure that she was sure before authorizing it.


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