I am looking for anyone that has looked into or done embryo adoption. I am nearing the end of my allowed cycles for oral fertility meds only, and will be moving on from there.


My conflict is my husband's SA came back with flying colors, so I'm concerned IUI won't really help our odds at this point. As to IVF it is outside our budget, and do not want to go into more debt pursuing IVF.

Also I know that if we did pursue IVF, and I had embryos left over after having 1 or 2 more kids I couldn't destroy or donate to research and would maybe have a hard time giving them up for adoption.

So my solution, currently, is to pursue Embryo Adoption.

I am looking for any groups, clinics, adoption agencies, anything that anyone might have experience with and can recommend.

Also I remember watching a dateline or 60 minute special in the late 90s about the "Adopt a Snowflake" foundation and I haven't ever forgotten it. So maybe it's always been in my cards.