Hi ladies, wondering if any of you have a baby who was not very interested in introducing solids, how did you encourage him or her? I would love to hear your advice.

My baby just turned 8 months and it's been difficult to get him to eat, he just doesn't seem excited about food. We started at 6 months and give him baby food puree "lunch" and "dinner" around 11am and 6pm, about an hour before his two biggest bottles of the day, and he *sometimes* will eat, most often we'll get a few decent bites in and then he starts pursing his mouth closed and making "oooooh!" noises at us, and then gets fussy if we keep trying longer than 10 minutes or so (he is *not* usually fussy). When we try and play games to get him to open up he'll smile with his mouth shut like he's got our number. We've tried giving him tastes of what we eat, tried alternate times for feeding, tried feeding him out of his high chair, tried putting tiny bits of food on his tray so he can feed himself, no dice. So far he sort of likes fruits like apples, pears, prunes; tolerates veggie/fruit mixes and bits of bread/pasta, and hates veggies, eggs, yogurt. He has his two bottom teeth and that's it; it's possible he's teething again now but who knows.

What do yall think? Is there something I'm doing wrong, or is the answer just keep trying?