Hey I was wondering if any of you ladies were knowledgable about what I should do. I'm pretty sure I have an estrogen dominance issue. I make ewcm for over two weeks sometimes. My body will gear up to ovulate but struggles to sometimes. I tend to without clomid O around cd 20-21. Last cycle I was on clomid and I had a chemical or early miscarriage. (Whatever you want to call it) Now I'm nervous to take clomid again. I'm gonna take a break from it this month. I kinda wanted to go a more natural route this cycle. I was wondering if there was any supplements I could take. I've heard a ton about vitex. I've also heard about maca root. Idk if it any of these will help. I'm working on eating healthier and working out to help with estrogen dominance as well. Any tips or helpful knowledge will he greatly appreciated.