I've seen a few mama's have posted this on the interweb but not much real information except that BFing sites say strep can cause mastitis. Does that mean the same bacteria that causes strep throat can cause mastitis?

I think DD (age 3) has/had strep throat. DS, my nursing baby, 8 mo, has no symptoms. I have a call in to the doctor about swabbing.

I have nipple pain on one side and yesterday had a fever and exhaustion. There's no red mark and I can't feel any clog. I've read that you can get mastitis from strep. It seems far fetched (but possible) that my daughter's unconfirmed strep would pass to my son and then to my nipple.

Not sure where to go from here. I emailed LO's doc about swabs. I guess I should tell the OB my nipple hurts but do I tell him my crazy theory?