Does anyone have any experiences with fortifying their breastmilk? LO is 16 weeks and has been falling in the curves since she was born. She's in the 10th percentile for weight (98th for a skinny mini!), and weighs 11.9 pounds. She was 8 pounds even at birth. We thought she'd settle into a curve by now, but no luck.

Dr. advised us that an option was to fortify her breastmilk bottles with powdered formula to bump them up to 24 calories/oz. We are only doing that for daycare bottles, so plan to do 4-5 4 oz bottles/day. I will continue that on weekends.

I guess I'd just like to hear from other parents that may have done this. Did it help? How soon did you see a jump in weight? If it didn't help, what were next steps? I've read up on KellyMom, but curious to hear real-life stories.

Thank you!!!